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The three fundamental things that separate US Brick Mason from other commercial masonry contractors and stone masons are skills, knowledge, and technology. Being in this industry for years now made us the number one amongst mason companies in West Bloomfield, MI, and nearby areas.

We highly specialized in brick wall and brick veneer or brick tiles and any brickwork that is associated with it. Our wide range of masonry services and brick masonry construction is extensive and comprehensive. With our highly skilled expert mason and commercial masonry contractors, we guarantee that output is based on craftsmanship. Our goal is to incorporate design, style, and functionality as these three pillars are the centrality of masonry work. More so, we make sure to never sacrifice quality with design.

Our Masonry Services

1. Retaining Wall – if your property is sitting on a hill or a slope, it is required that you build a retaining wall to stop your home from collapsing. US Brick Mason offers brick retaining walls and stone retaining walls in West Bloomfield, Michigan, and nearby areas. Never undermine the safety and integrity of your property. Make sure to support your walls and another part of your property with a retaining wall.

2. Patio pavers – get your home a good patio that serves you and your family members. A patio extends the property to the outside part of your home creating a living and breathable space for you to enjoy and relax. Never let your home be constricted to the inside of your home alone. Get a healthy and breathable space outside your home. Host a party and appreciate the sunset. US Brick Mason is one of the best mason companies with highly skilled stone mason and brick mason in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

3. Driveway Pavers – Your vehicle may ruin the soil with its sheer weight. It worsens during the rainy days when the pressure and weight of your vehicle create a small mud puddle. Let our driveway pavers do the job for you. With the right designs and styles, your driveway can complement the overall aesthetic of your home. When it comes to driveway and patio flooring, US Brick Mason is the best mason company for you.

4. Brick mailbox – Get your curb a sophisticated look by simply just installing a brick mailbox on it. One of the best ways to personalize your property is by getting a brick mailbox. A brick mailbox with sophisticated brick tiles adds personality to your property. In addition to this, your mail and letter subscription are protected from the weather. US Brick Mason and our expert mason can get you a dozen of brick mailbox designs that will surely fit your taste.

5. Masonry Repair – do not let the integrity of your brick wall worsen through time without having it repaired. Remember, repair costs lesser than having the whole brick wall replaced. If you ask a bricklayer or an expert mason about it, it will be cost-efficient and wiser to do quarterly repairs. This way, you can ensure the health of your brick wall. US Brick Mason offers all kinds of repairs such as brick mortar repair, brick wall repair, chimney masonry repair, brick chimney repair, mortar joint repair, fireplace brick repair, masonry crack repair, and more.

6. Brick Veneer Installation – one of the most popular choices in brick walls is the brick veneer or commonly called brick tiles. Brick veneer or brick tile is much lighter and is easier to transport than traditional brick. Brick veneer installation and stone panel installations are two relatively new methods in masonry. Despite being new, US Brick Mason has already mastered the craftsmanship behind brick veneer installation. We have commercial masonry contractors and stonemasons who are capable and knowledgeable in brick veneer installation.

7. Tuck pointing – loose mortar can be a sign of an unhealthy brick wall. It is also the main reason for your brick wall to sustain more serious damage. Loose mortar joints are mainly caused by weathering and decay. However, some reason for early signs of loose mortars is the use of poor-quality materials. In US Brick Mason, we guarantee that we only use the best material for your brick wall. Our expert mason offer brick pointing, or repointing brickwork.

We offer exceptional masonry work at competitive rates.

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With our experience in masonry construction, our masonry contractors have developed a system that is based on science, experience, and practicality delivering excellent output. In US Brick Mason, we make sure to address basic and complex challenges and issues in brick mason. Talk to our expert masons. 

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