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If brick needs repair so do the mortar joints in your brick wall. One of the reasons why bricks and mortars need repair is that it reaches the midpoint of their lifespan. While it is expected of a wall brick system to last up to a decade or two, minor repairs and masonry restoration is still needed.

The continuous exposure to sunlight, rain, and moisture can destroy the joints of the bricks and the mortar through time. If you ask an expert mason about a lifespan of a brick wall system, they will probably tell you that it depends on the weather and how well it is maintained. The average lifespan of a brick wall system is 10 years or one decade. However, given a harsh climate, it can be reduced. To increase the lifespan of your brick wall, basic maintenance is required such as cleaning and rinsing dirt and dust. However, one of the parts of a brick wall system that usually receives damage is the mortar. In this case, tuck pointing or repointing is needed.

We can restore the look and durability of your brick wall, call us for tuckpointing and other services!

What is tuckpointing?

In layman’s terms, tuckpointing or commonly called brick pointing is the process of repairing the mortar joints of the brick. The process of tuck pointing or repointing brickwork is technical in nature and requires masonry skills and eyes. Firstly, the loose mortar should be removed carefully. Mortar removal is important to clear and carve up some space for the new mortar. A special hand tool is used to carve out mortar. Mortar replacement or repointing brickwork should be done by an expert mason only. A careful assessment of the color of mortar and the brick is done so that the final output after the repointing brick is done is closely like the brick itself. Without doing this, your overall brick wall will look more like a school project than a professional work of art.

How do I know when I need masonry restoration?

Knowing when you need masonry restoration is easy. There are a few basic signs that your brickwork needs repair or brick pointing. The most important thing that you can do is to feel your brick wall. Uneven surfaces can tell you that there is something wrong with either the brick itself or the mortar that keeps it fixed on the wall. Many uneven brick surfaces mean loose mortar. Mortar decay is common usually when poor installation is done. Secondly, tracing your finger on the mortar’s surface and observing any loose or unusual amount of dust can mean that your mortar is up for repointing. Lastly, tapping the bricks to hear hollow or empty sounds means that the mortar inside or beneath the wall has crumbled down.

Why We Are the Best Brick Mason in the Area

US Brick Mason offers a wide range of masonry services including installing stone retaining walls, brick wall repair, mortar repair, masonry crack repair, repointing, and tuckpointing. Whatever brick masonry repair that you may need, our expert mason and masonry contractors can provide it for you.

We have a highly skilled, well-trained team of masonry experts and masonry contractors that can help you in restoring or repairing your brick wall. Retaining the integrity and the beauty of your brick wall is our priority and we do it in the shortest time possible. In order to do that, we hire a team who work according to the size of the project so that our turnaround time is shorter than the average masonry job in the market.  

If you see some signs of any loose and weak mortar joints or any holes and cracks in your brick, it is absolutely the right time to ask for professional service.

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Repair is always cheaper. That is what we always say to our clients. A common misconception for homeowners is that they only ask mason experts for repair when the damage is too obvious and bothering their eyes. However, such repairs can be more costly. Being proactive in repairing and maintaining your brick wall and the mortar joint can be more cost-efficient.

US Brick Mason offers the best masonry restoration and masonry repair services in Detroit, Michigan. Before we do the work, our masonry contractors assess the extent of restoration and tuckpointing to be done. This way, the whole project is more cost-efficient, and you only have to pay for what you need. 

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