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Are you the kind of person who enjoys the scenery overlooking the city or the vast landscape? There are probably a lot of popular properties by celebrities that enjoy such a view. But there is a catch in all of these. You must be high on the ground to get such a view. In a mountainous or slopy region, you can probably get a generous amount of view. Homeowners who bought a property on a steep slope or a hill cannot just build a home without considering the geographic feature of the place. That is where a retaining wall comes into the picture.

A retaining wall is built to effectively hold the ground and keep your property from collapsing. It is specifically placed where there is uneven soil. It serves as a strong foundation in keeping the weight of the ground from pushing further your wall to the point of collapse. For instance, a stone retaining wall can do both protect your property and give you a stunning aesthetic value to compliment the design of your property.

For a durable retaining wall and stunning landscape.

Is a retaining wall important?

If you ask a brick mason and any of your masonry contractor friends, you will probably hear one thing – that retaining wall is not just important, they are required. Having a property that is sitting on a slope can have a few problems if not done right. A retaining wall can keep the property from flooding through the ground. When the side or even underneath your home receives and collects a significant amount of water from the rain, there is a tendency that this rainwater from underground can sip through your flooring causing flooding or water problem. This is common for many properties with poor retaining wall installations.

Retaining walls such as stone retaining walls and brick retaining walls can stop this from happening. It prevents soil erosion from causing serious damage to property. It is also a good foundational element of a property that protects the home during strong typhoons. Soil gets five times heavier when soaked with water. Thus, the strength of the retaining wall either for your home or other parts of your property can save it from collapsing.  

While retaining walls are popularly used for the main walls of your home when your property is sitting on a hill or a slope, there is also another use of retaining walls that you may not know yet. Building a driveway or a path on a hill requires some digging and carving of the ground. And the wall that is created to pave the right amount of space should be protected and secured by a gravity retaining wall. From the name itself, the gravity retaining wall holds the ground from the sheer force of gravity. In order to avoid soil erosion, a retaining wall should be placed on each side of the soil.

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US Brick Mason together with our local masonry contractors and expert brick masons is one of the best in offering masonry services in Detroit, Michigan. With over a hundred projects done, we can simply say that we have mastered our craft.

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If you have a newly purchased property or a lot, and you are looking for a mason who will do the job for you, make sure to hire the best. There are a lot of mason companies in Detroit, Michigan, and other nearby areas but only a few can keep up with the challenges and get you a quality output. That being said, it is in your best interest to trust only the leader in masonry services, such as masonry repair, brick mailbox installation, tuckpointing, and patio pavers, among others.

We can do just about anything that is related to retaining walls such as gravity retaining walls, paneling walls, segmental retaining walls, and even gabion mesh walls. If you have an old, dilapidated wall, we can get a brick wall repair just for you. We can surely restore the beauty and strength of your wall. 

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If we can give you one piece of advice, never let mediocre masonry companies do your retaining wall. It is for you and your family’s safety. If there is one thing that you need to secure with quality materials, and superior masonry work, that is your retaining wall.

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