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Owning a house is one thing, having the best brick mason to do the job is another. One of the best decisions that you can probably have when building your dream house is to get the best masonry contractor and mason experts. While it is quite easy to find local mason companies in your area, it is quite hard to find a company that hires the best masonry team. Remember, you do not have to sacrifice quality by settling for just someone available to do the work. A lot of mason companies that do not really specialize in brick masonry construction in Novi, MI can do the job, but a few can finish the whole project the right way.

Our Masonry Services

1. Retaining Wall – retaining wall secures your home from landslide and soil erosion. During heavy rain, the soil gets ten times heavier because of the water that sips into it making it more prone to erosion. Having a retaining wall can protect the structure of your home. With the help of our mason experts and commercial masonry contractors, we can secure the integrity of your home making it 100% safe.

2. Patio Pavers – having the best patio pavers can make a whole lot of difference most especially with US Brick Mason. We offer a wide range of materials including concrete, flagstone, tile, cut stone or stone panels, and brick flooring. Our patio pavers are also capable of infusing some personality to your patio making it unique and elegant. With our years of experience and hundreds of projects that we have done, we can proudly say that we have mastered the art and honed the craftsmanship of patio paving.

3. Driveway Pavers – getting your vehicle from the road to your property can sometimes pose a challenge without a driveway. Parking at your curb may defeat the purpose of having a beautiful front yard since the vehicle may be blocking the view from the road. Getting a driveway will help you in clearing up your curb so that passers-by can appreciate your property. Let our local masonry contractors, and expert driveway pavers help you with this problem.

4. Brick Mailbox – a property without a brick mailbox is like wearing your nightgown without a beautiful necklace. It just does not look appropriate without it. A brick mailbox is a timeless piece. Although we are now moving to more paperless transactions online, there are things that we cannot just undo with our mail and letter subscriptions. Most of the time, these emails are the most and urgent that we have personally. With this, get yourself a brick mailbox with our expertise and skills as expert masons.

5. Masonry Repair – never waste a damaged wall. The only time that you need a new brick wall is when a typhoon or a hurricane hits you and there is almost nothing left. If this is not the case, we can probably fix it. Masonry repair and masonry restoration services such as brick mortar repair, chimney masonry repair, brick crack repair, mortar joint repair, fireplace brick repair, and masonry crack repair amongst others are our specialty. Trust US Brick Mason for all your masonry repair needs.  

6. Brick Veneer Installation – getting your cement wall a fresh look with brick veneer or brick tiles is probably the best decision that you can have. Brick veneer is known as an excellent insulator during the summer. With its thin brick property, it can reflect the heat of the sun back to the atmosphere without absorbing too much heat. We offer a wide range of brick veneer designs and styles.

7. Tuck Pointing – never let your brick wall down without replacing or repairing the mortar in between each brick. Remember, they are there for a reason and you should be aware that without it, moisture and even a significant amount of water can ruin and damage the bricks in the long run. Loose mortars can be spotted easily. However, repointing brick or brick pointing can only be done right and efficiently by expert masons. Let us do the hard work for you.

We offer a wide variety of masonry services, from installation to repair.

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