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Masonry is all about stability and strength foundation. Every mason work is a work of art and a craft that will endure the test of time. Nowadays, masonry work is practiced everywhere. The very fundamental of masonry or stone mason work is the careful arrangement of each unit or block to build a strong and resilient structure. One mistake in bricklayer building can ruin the rest of the structure. While bricklaying and the job of brick mason may look simple, the reality says different. Observing the job, one can see how high the technicalities and the methods that go through it.

Since brick masonry is expected to last over time, people find it more economical and functional to use it to build residential houses and even commercial buildings. It is true that bricks and stone panels are designed to endure the harsh elements of nature such as the wind, dirt, rainfall, and the heat of the sun. Bricks and stone panels, when designed and installed correctly, can last up to a couple of decades or more. However, a common misconception for homeowners is that it does not need repairs and maintenance until the damage is evident enough. In order to maintain a healthy, secured, and stable brick wall or a stone retaining wall, a few maintenance techniques, mortar repair, and even masonry repair are needed.

For your old, worn-out masonry work, our contractors offer the best masonry repair there is!

How do I know I require a brick wall repair?

It is true that brick walls and stone panels are fundamentally strong in their very nature. It can last up to a couple of decades which is considerably long. However, in order to fully maximize the potential of your brick walls and stone walls, there are a few basic steps that you need to do.

One of the most basic and obvious steps is proper maintenance. A brick wall is not smooth and such a surface can trap dirt. More so, it is an ideal place for algae most especially when your brick wall is directly getting exposed to water. This is a common issue when the brick wall consistently receives water from a roof gutter. To properly maintain it is to rinse the surface with soap or a cleaning solution. Carefully scrubbing the surface to remove dirt is important.

If you have a wall, a chimney, a fireplace, or a retaining wall that is five to ten years, without proper maintenance, small old cracks, holes, and loose mortar can be apparent. Even if the damage is not too big to be a bother to your eyes, it should still be repaired. If you ask an expert mason, he will only tell you one thing – that it should be addressed right away. Small cracks and holes can lead to a more problematic situation for your brick wall.

Our Masonry Repair Services

US Brick Mason and our expert masons highly specialized in masonry repair. If there is anything that we are happy about, that is the thought that people proactively want their brick wall, fireplace brick, retaining wall, and chimney repair. Knowing that they care about the health and integrity of their home means so much to us.

We primarily offer masonry construction and masonry restoration services. We make sure that everything in your home should be safe and secured. Our local masonry contractors and expert mason are well-trained to balance and retain the structural integrity of your home without sacrificing design, style, and aesthetic. We offer masonry repairs such as brick repair, brick mortar repair, brick chimney repair, brick crack repair, mortar joint repair, fireplace brick repair, and other masonry repair services. 

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Do not sacrifice the safety of your family and the beauty and integrity of your home be sacrificed just because you think your walls are good enough. Let our expert brick mason, patio pavers, and brick pavers get the job done for you. A small crack or hole may seem harmless. But trust our masonry contractors when we say that they are not. A small crack can lead to bigger ones in just a matter of months.

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