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Brick Mailbox, Detroit, MI

Regardless of the style of the house, a mailbox will always find a way to a curb. This is because the mailbox is a timeless and very flexible and simple element that can increase the beauty of your house. If you try to observe different properties, a mailbox is always present. A classic brick mailbox fits different house styles including contemporary and minimalist house designs. Considering the age of a brick mailbox, homeowners find it still relevant in this day because it gives a vintage and classic look for your curb.

A combination of ferns, shrubs, decent grass, and a brick mailbox can significantly increase your curb’s beauty. In order to impress your neighbors, you have to start at your curb. Your curb is the nearest and most reachable place on your property. Giving it a few touches and finishes, such as a small fountain, a medium brick wall, a garden, and a brick mailbox can do the trick. Instantly, your curb is a work of art!

We install a brick mailbox that is durable, long-lasting, and timeless.

What are the benefits of having a brick mailbox?

If you ask a real estate agent, one of the things that they can tell you when you are considering buying a property is that it has a mailbox. The very reason behind this is that the brick mailbox increases the property value for some reason. It is an unspoken truth but if you are considering selling your property, do not sell it without masonry work like a brick mailbox.

A brick mailbox is durable, and it secures your letter and mail subscriptions more effectively than any other mailbox. There are a few external factors to which you have to consider when having a mailbox. First, it should be rainproof, and secondly, it should be thiefproof. You can both from having a brick mailbox. A special lock system can keep thieves from getting your letters and even packages.

Other than letter and mail subscriptions, many homeowners ask their local masonry contractors to build them a brick mailbox that is large enough to hold parcels. If you are expecting regular parcel deliveries, then a brick mailbox with a special slot can address your needs.

A strategically placed mailbox allows the postman or the delivery man to place your subscriptions or the stuff that you bought online to your home without even entering your property.

We Offer Brick Mailbox Repair

Can we also repair mailboxes? Absolutely! If you have an old and damaged mailbox on your curb, chances are that your letters, emails, and parcels are no longer protected most especially during rainfall or when the winter comes. Most homeowners’ common problem is that their mailbox absorbs water to the point that it can no longer protect the mails and letters inside.

Brick repair and mortar repair are two masonry services that you are looking for when you have this problem. Do not let it sit for a while because as days go by, the tendency is that the repairs will even worsen. A damaged mortar only worsens its state with its continuous exposure to heat and rain. Mortar joint repair and mortar restoration may be needed in order to get your brick mailbox functional again.  

We can repair any type of mailbox from mail slots, a wall-mounted mailbox, column mailbox, package drop box, and even multi-slot mailboxes. If you want to redesign your mailbox, our mason experts can give you a fresh new mailbox look that will fit your new aesthetic or preference.

US Brick Mason and our masonry contractor and expert mason are the top leading masonry services provider in Detroit, Michigan. We only use the best and top-grade materials for your brick mason needs.

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If there is one thing that we have in common, that probably is that we both are wanting to have excellent masonry work. US Brick Mason and our commercial masonry contractors and expert mason are the best in the market within Detroit, MI, and nearby areas.

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