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Craft masonry requires skills and knowledge. It is not just about the construction and assembly of things. In US Brick Mason, we take masonry to the next level. We strive to make things perfect. Our brick mason and masonry contractors believe that mediocrity does not belong to any mason work.
Your home is our pride, and its beauty and quality are never negotiable, it is a must! From the very start, our organization has accepted the challenge of bringing beautiful homes to reality. Understanding the value of every home brought us to where we are now – one of the top mason companies in Detroit, Michigan. We offer only the highest of the standard in masonry. We are a one-stop-shop of masonry services. Everything that you need, we surely can do it for you. US Brick Mason brings the best local masonry contractors in Detroit, MI, and nearby places together to serve your needs.

Our Masonry Services

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a technical part of any home. It is significant to support any homeowner’s home most importantly when it is placed on a slope. A growing concern in masonry is that many retaining walls may potentially fail international standards and could not withstand the pressure of the soil. A requirement for any retaining wall, regardless of the slope of the ground is that it should be able to support twenty times the weight of its own. 

US Brick Mason specializes in putting up a resilient and robust wall. One of our mason’s pride is our popular stone retaining wall which fits not only the international standard requirement but as well as most aesthetic and artistic themes of any home. We make sure to perfectly integrate design and functionality in our retaining wall. Make no mistake when building a stone retaining wall with any mason company because it is a fundamental piece of your home in terms of safety. Do not let the challenges of the geographic landscape stop you from building your dream house. Let our masonry contractors take care of your retaining wall. 

Brick Retaining Wall

Patio Pavers

Beautiful Patio Pavers

Many contemporary home designs include the integration of the patio. It is considered a fundamental part of any property most importantly in optimizing and maximizing the external part of the house. For many properties, the most underutilized part of any home is the patio. A good imagination and creativity lead to a beautiful and elegant patio. Regardless of the size, a patio can extend your home outside driving more activities in your house. 

US Brick Mason and our patio pavers are well-trained to provide the most sophisticated and functional patio and brick flooring for your house or property. Every homeowner deserves freedom. But how can you enjoy freedom if you are only contained inside your home? With our brick pavers, your children and the rest of your family members can enjoy a safe patio. You do not have to sacrifice your landscape. Our patio flooring is landscape-safe. Using the most recent brick masonry technology and masonry tools, our brick pavers and patio pavers have revitalized and successfully integrate design, style, and functionality, perfect for your contemporary home design.

Driveway Pavers

A complex home design is a property that incorporates elements that no other commercial masonry contractors can just simply do without expertise and mastery. The challenge of most brick mason and masonry contractors is how to achieve a secured, quality, and resilient mason job. Perhaps, the most significant development in brick masonry and stonemason jobs is how we incorporate our client’s demand or requirements to the very nature of the technicalities of masonry. For quite some time, these two variables are irreconcilable. Learning how to do it the right way and ultimately serving and addressing homeowners’ preferences have been our pride to date. 

US Brick Mason has done a considerable amount of driveway projects. Our driveway pavers and patio pavers have improved their craft through experience and knowledge. The number of our driveway pavers project positioned our organization at the top in the masonry construction providing masonry services including brick pavers and driveway pavers work. It is important to build a driveway for your car to protect its tires from sharp stones and at the same time, protect your landscape and the overall property from being destroyed by the sheer weight of the car. Driveways are useful most importantly during the rainy season. Avoid muddy patio flooring and wet shoes with a good driveway.

Driveway Pavers in Gray And Brown Geometric Pattern

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Brick Mailbox

Brick Mailbox After Masonry Repair

A brick mailbox is like a necklace with a very elegant pendant. It is a centerpiece next to an elegant dress. If you have observed closely the sale properties in your area, one of the most recurring elements is the brick mailbox or any type of mailbox. Brick mailboxes have undoubtedly created a profound impact that goes beyond their functionality. Most of the contemporary properties and residential homes include a brick mailbox. While one can think that a brick mailbox is a disposable element or object in any house, assessing its aesthetic and functional benefit say that it is still relevant.

US Brick Mason has realized that while we are transitioning to more paperless transactions, we are not yet prepared fully to abide by it. Most of the homeowners, based on our experience, still have paper or hardcopy subscriptions. Most of the time, these subscriptions are important documents that must be protected and preserved. Hence, a good letterbox which in this case, a brick mailbox can protect your letter subscriptions.

Masonry Repair

Stones, bricks, and gravel can last up to a decade or two. With its robust properties and its ability to withstand time and natural factors such as the rain, sun, and dirt, stones, bricks, and gravel are favorite materials for masonry construction. However, it is important to understand that despite these characteristics, your home may still need masonry repair. For instance, brick repair and brick mortar repair are two common masonry services in demand. With the worsening trend of typhoons, floods, and other natural disasters, our properties receive the highest pressure. With that, we definitely need a strong and resilient home. Considering the natural factors, masonry repair may be needed often.

US Brick Mason understands that homes must be protected through high-standard masonry repair. With that, we have trained a workforce of masons to get all sorts of repairs such as chimney repair, brick mortar repair, brick crack repair, and hole repair, mortar joint repair, fireplace brick repair, masonry crack repair, among other masonry repair needs.

Masonry Contractors Building Retaining Wall

Brick Veneer Installation

Mason Completing Brick mortar Repair

A popular alternative to traditional brick is the brick veneer. Brick veneer installation is a relatively new method and technique of utilizing bricks for home internal and external walls, chimneys, fireplace, patio flooring, and even gardening. What is liked in brick veneer is that it brings the same style and design without sacrificing functionality and benefits. It is lightweight and uses a wall cavity instead of using pure bricks as a wall. The methodology in both brick veneer installation and traditional brick differs. Most of the masonry services include traditional bricklayers’ service but only a few specialized masonry companies and masonry contractors can do brick veneer installation. That is because it requires skills, training, and in some areas, certifications to do the job correctly and efficiently.

One of the best brick veneer jobs in Detroit, Michigan is the one that US Brick Mason offers. Our brick veneer and brick tiles installation has brought many properties to a whole new level providing masonry work that is up to international standards, addressing both design and style requirements and the safety and quality that are expected of it.

Tuck Pointing

Tuckpointing or sometimes called repointing brick is a special method of repair and masonry restoration. Through time, the mortar of your brick wall may probably need some mortar retouch. Basically, tuck pointing and repointing brickwork aims to bring back the beauty and the strength of your brick wall. By sealing the joints of the bricks from external elements such as wind, dirt, water, and heat, the brick can regain its natural strength allowing it to last up a decade or more.

Proper masonry restoration is needed when it comes to rebuilding a robust wall. Regaining your wall’s integrity is integral to safety. Most homeowners do not realize this, but in order to maintain and even improve the lifespan of your brick wall, you need brick pointing and repointing every 1 to 2 years. This is not a hard rule and the need for masonry restoration depends on the location of your property and how often it receives rain or how much exposure to the sun it gets. Knowing what to do and how to assess your wall can be hard. Thus, asking for expert masonry opinion through consultation can get you to the first correct step towards a beautiful and strong brick wall.

Brick wall tuck Pointing

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